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LaCroix is the bestselling sparkling water brand in the USA. Always 100% natural, LaCroix is calorie, sweetener, sodium, caffeine free and comes in 12 flavors (Lime, Lemon, Pure, Grapefruit, Berry, Cran-Raspberry, Coconut, Peach-Pear, Orange, Mango, Apricot and Passionfruit).  LaCroix is a healthy alternative to sugary and artificially sweetened beverages and is available nationwide in a variety of pack types to suit multiple channels.  LaCroix Cúrate, the first line extension, boasts the same clean nutritionals as core LaCroix, but is packaged in unique tall cans; Cúrate flavors include Pomme Bayá, Cerise Limón, and Piña Fraise. All LaCroix sparkling waters are certified non-GMO, Kosher and Vegan. Enjoy LaCroix!